Sunday, September 21, 2008

My new craft space, storage tips and Double Dips from TAC™

(Click image for larger view) unpacked and ready to use. Here is a picture of one view more to come later. The space is full of sunny windows for all the natural light! I'm thrilled I don't have to share this one with my husband. This shows one corner of the room that is my storage area on a shelf you can't really see in this shot. It's to the left. I no longer have a closet so I am pleased I've collected many white photo boxes for a clean look. On one of these shelves, I placed some of my papers and call it my "die cut" and photo center. The baskets are home to some of my dies for my Big Shot (purchased when TAC sold it for half price) and also in the baskets are other cuttlebug folders, cricuit cartridges and things like that. Under my photo printer is a file where I keep all my business papers. Next to the photo printer is my Dreamcutz machine. I really enjoy it! It's under, yes, a toaster cover! I need a second one for my cricuit as that was it's original home. :)

I can't forget my Bind It All located in the "die cut" center. Now, with TAC's Double Dips special you can get one for half off like I did!! Contact me to find out how......

Storage & Craft Space Tips:

1. Use all the same colored storage boxes for a clean organized look. (Or keep to a color pattern)

2. Use baskets to sort like items and store them together.

3. Don't forget to use those old Cassette tape racks for ink pads like Palette and Versamagic.

4. Use Toaster Covers to keep those gadgets free of dust and eye pleasing!

Now for some TAC news......

IT'S THAT TIME AGAIN! The Angel Company is offering Double Hostess, Double Customer and New Angels have twice the treats! From September 15 to November 3 TAC is offering Double Hostess rewards, that's two level sets and two half off for the Hostess. Split with a friend each spending $50. By doing this both will choose a Level A set and a half off item. (Bind-It-All or Scor-pal are great choices) Customers instead of receiving one Gift With Purchase (GWP)-each customer spending $30 will receive two GWP's!

New ANGELS get your wings now. The generous starter kit at a fabulous price, the lowest quarterly minimums and now through November 3, 2008 receive an additional $50 in FREE T-coded stamps! Contact me to find out more

See The Angel Company for specific details on these specials..

This fall, “Double Dip” with The Angel Company™ and enjoy the sweet rewards!
Being an Angel is just more fun™!

Typos and grammatical errors left for your enjoyment again....:)


Ginger - Angel 1427 said...

Oh, I can't wait to come & play! Too bad I have to get so much done this week...Tim is headed to Tobyhanna & his parent's place tomorrow.

I can't wait to see your creative creations!! I LOVE the windows - sure beats your start in the laundry room. LOL

thestampspot said...

I have massive windows in my space too Alison, and what a difference it makes. Both to seeing what I am doing and my mood. I love watching the weather coming in over the distance.

Yay to you getting organised, must feel pretty special!

:) Marcia

kellyrae said...

I'm so happy for you that you're finally able to GET to your crafting supplies. I bet this move was hard. Looking forward to seeing your paper inspirations soon.


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