Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bind-it-all Birthday Booklet...

I'm trying to organize and retype my information in my computer since so much of my information was lost when my computer "died". I'm thrilled my sister has given me a laptop she no longer used so I have Something in my office. It was no fun trying to use computers in other rooms of the house. While compiling my info., I decided to keep one paper copy of dates for birthday reminders and anniversaries handy and created this fun book. My next one will be using the chipboard stacks and the Bind-it-all. (Contact me to see how to get Your Very Own Bind-it-all for half off! NOTE: The Angel Company will now be offering the NEW Version 2. It is Pink! We've just been notified that the price will also be increased to $80.95, please keep this in mind while placing orders. Now is the ideal time to order with Double Dips and receive the BIA (Bind-It-All) at half off!!! To read updated information from Zutter on this NEW BIA Ver. 2 go to their webiste at

As normal, my photo skills are lacking so I hope you are still inspired! here is a picture of the outside. Oh, Yes, these are SU stamps and papers. :) I've said before I am an "equal opportunity shopper".

Now, here is a better photo of the inside. I didn't realize how "bad" the first photo was. The idea behind this book is on the right there are all the months set up two to a sheet. I'll simply write the names and dates of everyone in the month and viola...I can keep track. I've created a pouch along the whole bottom of the booklet. In the left you can see will hold cards and envelopes. Under the monthly sheets in the pouch I plan to put postage.

Here is a quick tutorial for this project.

Items used are paper and stamps from SU.

Scor-Pal, staples, ribbon and bind-it-all and rings 5/8". (Other than noted SU items everything else available at my e-commerce site from The Angel Company™)

I first took an 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper laid on my Scor-pal. I scored it in half at 5 1/2 inches. Next, with my paper in place. I marked at 8 1/4 inches for center for later using Bind-it-all. By marking at this point it allows for perfectly centered calendar pages.

I trimmed 1/4 inch on the top left to 5 1/2" (cover) for easier shutting with the rings.

I then turned the paper longways with the bottom to the left to make the bottom pouch (see photo). I scored 1 3/4 and folded for the bottom pouch.

Lastly, I printed and trimmed to size, my calendar pages. Finally, I securely attached these with rings and decorated...Voila..all done.

This was to be a photo tutorial but I am really having issues with my photo quality.


Anonymous said...

Hello! Wasn't sure how to contact you, but I would LOVE To get the BIA v2 for half price! My email is


catt871 said...

Very nice Alison!! What a great idea!!!! Did you just print the calendars on WORD?

~KRISTY~ said...


Jane said...

Great little book! I keep talking myself out of the bind it all. I'm not sure if I'd use it enough to make it worthwhile or not. But I love what you did with it!


Lisadwb said...

Nice calendar. Those would make excellent Christmas gifts!!
I love the BIA!! So handy, and I use it more than I thought I would.

Littlekel90 said...

Very nice little book for birthdays. I started one of these, but after I filled most of the pages, we just use it with a paperclip. Naughty, I know. I really should get around to finishing it. I don't have a BIA yet. for now, I just use my Crop-A-Dile and binding rings. Simple but it works. ;) Kel

scrappernic said...

Darling! What a great little book for birthdays and a fabulous way to use the Bind It All. Mine is gathering dust :)


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