Monday, November 17, 2008

The Swirly Christmas Ornament Tutorial

This was suppose to auto post on Tuesday but obviously I don't know how to auto post...:) Enjoy...

Last week I posted a cute swirly ornament to help jump start your creative juices for Christmas. Here is a picture of another one that I did to use for my instructional/tutorial for today's Tutorial Tuesday. I had issues again with my camera. It's time for a new one this one no longer focuses and even after attempting to switch the memory cards, it is blury.

This version of a paper crafted ornament came from an idea i saw in a paper crafts magazine. I modified it slightly to suit my supplies and omitting beads in between each strip of paper. This will make sense as you read further. Now, on with this tutorial..(much easier once it's done the first time).

I'm working on an altered project I hope to have finished for next Tuesday. There are just so many ideas and such little time!!

Happy Stamping and here we go.....

Pictured to the left is part of what I used. I took out the circle and placed snowflakes on the bottom of my ornament instead.

You don't need much for supplies:

6 X 12 Paper (Cut into 1" X 6 " strips)

1/8" hole punch (I used Crop-a-dile)

Ribbon 1/8 Inch about 24" long

Once you have cut your strips of paper to 1" X 6", punch holes in BOTH sides as shown to the left. These holes are punched using the crop-a-dile and are set centered about 3/8" in.

Keep your strips all facing one way for a more solid look, as shown in photo if you'd like.

Next, loop your ribbon and knot the end. This will prevent your strips from falling off. When done, you can adorn the ribbon with beads and embellishments to suit your project.

Take a strip and slide it on the ribbon with the portion you want facing out to come to the bottom of the ribbon. For instructional purposes we'll call this first strip #1..:) At this point, you are only threading the ribbon through One hole see to the left.

Continue layering until you have all of your strips on the ribbon.

Next, you will slide the paper back onto the ribbon through the second hole. You do this by starting back with strip #1 and repeating until all the strips are on the ribbon.

To the right, I am showing all the strips on the ribbon with strip #1 being placed. You can see how the paper is all facing one way. It is up to you if you want to use two colors or more.

TIP: You can shape it to be rounded, sprial, eggshaped.

This photo to the right shows a few strips layered. Continue layering placing your strips on. To complete the project, shape your strips and tie the ribbon in a knot at the top to keep the form you would like.

TIP: Put a variation here by stringing beads in between your strips! by using more strips that are thinner than one inch and beads, it gives a gorgeous affect. I will try to post one of these sophisticated looking ones soon.

Here is another photo of the finished Swirly Ornament.

I hope you enjoy this and watch for more Fun Simply Stamped Christmas Ideas coming soon!!!


Lisadwb said...

Cute ornament. Thanks for the tutrial!!

"Jany" said...

This one is really cute! Why don't you show it in the project challenge in Paper Wings? I want to do a smaller one for our tree (or several) pretty soon. I need to start looking my scraps!

Tammy said...

Great tutorial!! I will have to try this:)


Deb said...

oh I love this Alison, I hope I get a chance to try it out myself!

Kelly S said...

Very very cool! I remember the pumpkin that was similar to this, but the ornament is so much cooler! Thanks for posting the tutorial!

~KRISTY~ said...


Carmen said...

What a wonderful ornament, thank you very much for this great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Great project - thks for the tutorial. rita w

catt871 said...



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