Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tutorial: Envelope Card holder

Warning: I am Still using my cell phone for photos. :) AND I have sat here for 30 minutes trying to line up my pictures and type evenly and have to resign, calling it done. :)

I want to share with you this quick and easy card holder. It's great to make for gifts to give a variety of cards in. Also, consider using something like this to create monogrammed cards and matching envelopes in for a gift.

I used all TAC™ products for this including Buttons and Blossoms Lemonade, Mimi SWIC, Butterfly Swirls Stamp set, Flower Bet alphabet set, Crystal Stickles, Palette Inks and Mimi Coordinating ribbon. Note: 5 x 7 Envelopes used non TAC.

Supplies you will need are 2@ 5 x 7 envelopes for this particular version. Mimi SWIC from TAC, Buttons and Blossoms Lemonade, alphabet stamp is Floral Bet, Crystal Stickles and the swirls from Butterfly Swirls. The picture to the left shows the envelopes and the simple prep. To prep your envelopes merely cut off one of the flaps, but not both.
You will insert the flap that remains inside the envelope that you cut the flap off of.
To adhere the envelopes together you will place your adhesive Behind the glue on your envelope flap that remains. Do not use the envelope adhesive !
This photo shows inserting the flap into the envelope that is flapless. It is pretty basic but just shows to remind you not to wetten the envelope adhesive but to place the adhesive behind it. When you insert the flap into the envelope it will create the binding for your envelope card folder.

Next, the envelopes are now adhered
with the adhesive you place on the flap and stuck it to the inside of the other envelope.
To create a closure, I am simply using ribbon around the closed folder.
Tip: You can get more detailed using eyelets or any kind of enclosure you like.

Here is the card with the ribbon attached and how I started to embellish the cover to hid the ribbon. To create a more finished look over the ribbon I placed a sheet of Mimi SWIC papers. ( My favorite)

This is an idea idea for a stack of cards and envelopes. I have created some really nice monogram card and envelope sets using this as the case to hold them in.

This is showing the inside with cards in the left and envelopes to the right. I did some simple stamping on the inside with coordinating Palette inks.

I love the effect the flowers give with the stickles. The letters are stamped and cut out then placed on the cover.

I hope you've enjoyed this simply stamped creation and instructional. It's pretty basic with limitless possibilities.

I have made Bunches of cupcake cards lately that I hope to be sharing later so check back soon...

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Sonia said...

Alisson thanks for sharing the tutorial envelope card holder. Pretty card. :-)



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