Sunday, August 2, 2009

A creative stamp cleaner & The Angel Company™ August specials..

We are back from vacation now and I am so sunburnt! I haven't much time to craft but want to share this with you. I've seen this idea somewhere a while ago and had to share since I remembered it to buy it! My stamp cleaner pads are great from TAC but I like to supplement them for when my daughter stamps with me. In your home supply store look for these Paint Edgers. They are similar to stamp cleaner pads but not as thick. I found these for $2.59 for a two pack, what a great price and disposable! This is just another idea for you on how to use something for stamping and crafts that you normally wouldn't look at to use like the wooden things! Next, here are the August specials from TAC.
NOTE: I am trying to start a Hostess club within the US states, if your interested feel free to e-mail me. The more the merrier and cheaper minimums.

TAC™ Promos
I LOVE the August Stamp of the Month!! It's just too adorable and so much fun. I can't wait to get it and use it!

This Vintage set is a lot of fun as well. It has so many possibilities for creating unique cards.
TAC™ Promotions


Vicki said...

The paint edger pads are what I use for brown and black inks, well ALL really dark colors. That way, my nice scrubber pad doesn't get stained so bad. And like you said - they are cheap!

Seleise said...

I love using paint edgers too. such a great idea!


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