Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My sisters first cards and one from a friend

First up I haven't finished my project but hope to as soon as I post this. This card is one from Sharon G. in my downline. I sent the ladies all the same scraps and even a self addressed envelope to send a card back to me using the supplies I sent from TAC. Sharon did a great job and even stamped the swirls on the envelope. I really like how she used the embossing folder! Great job Sharon... I hope to receive the others back!

Next, these are some cards my sister made. She is a beginner stamper and just started. She loves cats and makes many cards with this TAC set Playful Kitties. She used red paper to create the brick wall, sandaper and painted waves very artistically on the other with stickers in the sand. She used the umbrella from another TAC set to create the parachute.
I wish my first cards were this cute. She even has the inside adorned with decorative elements! Great job twin sis!


Anonymous said...

Neat card that your sister did. Love the idea of creating a parachute from an umbrella for the one kitty cat!! thks for sharing. rita w

Diana said...

Love this card they did pretty good, and I love the parachute idea, tell her she ROCK!!


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