Monday, March 29, 2010

Hello... I wanted to let you know that The Angel Company™ now has the Serendipity magalogue available for viewing on the web. To view this online click here----> Serendipity scroll down and it is viewable in adobe pdf format. :)
(Also viewable from then click products, serendipity)
Now, normally I stick with The Angel Company™ as my preferred posts but I am so excited to have a lovely local scrapbook store near my small hometown! I wanted to share it with you. Ironically, before I found it I have seen some of the owner Kim's works and Love her exclusive, original Tear Bear patterns. (still waiting to get mine and try them)
Above is the link for her Tear Bears, she also has a store online and a fabulous design team blog.

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Bridgett said...

Oh how fun to get a new store in. I enjoy seeing tear bears but never have tried them. Hope to see some of your tear bears soon!
Angel Hugs,


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